To date the Charity Race has raised just over €1.4 million.

Over the years we have supported a variety of projects such as:

  •  The building of a new Renal Ward for the children at Temple Street Children’s Hospital which was opened in December 2017.
  • Purchased a Holiday Home in Tralee, Co. Kerry specifically for kidney dialysis patients. This gives the patient a well -deserved break but also ensures that they are able to continue their life saving dialysis treatments whilst enjoying a holiday.
  • Sponsored a Newman Scholar at U.C.D. under the stewardship of Dr. Bill Watson to research better ways to transport kidneys prior to Transplantation.
  • Supported a Cancer Screening programme for kidney recipients under Dr. Gillian Murphy, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.
  • Sponsored an Art Therapy programme for dialysis patients in both Tallaght and Waterford Hospitals. This is where art lessons are provided for patients while they are receiving dialysis treatment. A novel idea as it makes treatment more bearable and allows the patients to learn and develop creative skills.
  • Sponsored transplant recipients to represent Ireland at the World & European Transplant Games.
  • Sponsored the Home Haemo Dialysis Training Unit at Beaumont Hospital, National Transplant Centre, where patients are trained to do their own dialysis in the comfort of their own Home.


2016 & 2017 are really outstanding years for The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund. 

We have committed to invest over €275,000 in various kidney related projects: 

  • €150,000 committed to support a new renal unit at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin. 
  • €100,000 committed to support 2 kidney related research projects under the guidance of the Irish Nephrology Society. 
  • €20,000 committed to continue our Art Therapy programmes for Dialysis Patients in Tallaght & Waterford Dialysis Units. 
  • €5,000 committed to our Sports Programme for Dialysis & Transplant Patients, as well as other projects.

We are a Registered Company (Tax Reference 64270888) and a Registered Charity (CHY 16613) since 2005.
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