The PKRF has supported the following projects during 2018 & 2019:

  • €150,000 donated to open a new renal unit at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin
  • €100,000 committed to support 2 kidney related research projects under the guidance of the Irish Nephrology Society.
  • €20,000 committed to continue our Art Therapy programmes for Dialysis Patients in Tallaght & Waterford Dialysis Units.
  • €10,000 provided to our Patient to Patient mentoring support programme.€5,000 committed to our Sports Programme for Kidney Patients
  • Organised trips to Lourdes for Dialysis patients.
  • Organised Dietary Books for Dialysis patients.


As you can see above, we supported a variety of projects in different areas over the past 24 months and in 2020 our main new project will be the opening of a new Self Care Home Haemo Dialysis Unit at Tallaght Hospital under the guidance of Dr. George Mellotte. We will also continue to support our Art Therapy, our Sports bursaries and other projects as well organising an event to promote Living Organ Donor Awareness in Ireland.

We are a Registered Company (Tax Reference 64270888) and a Registered Charity (CHY 16613) since 2005.
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