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“No Dream Is Too Big” is a well-known quote from Rachel Blackmore, immediately after winning this year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup. Those words are so appropriate for all the Jockeys taking part in the 31st running of the Punchestown Charity Race on Saturday 30th April in aid of The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund.  The 25 participants are drawn from all walks of life and have all passed an assessment at RACE as well as a medical to get their opportunity to become a Jockey at The Irish National Hunt Racing Festival and in doing so fulfil a lifetimes dream for so many of them. 

Home favourite will be Leona Hughes who comes from The Curragh and works as part of the fantastic Team of staff at Punchestown Racecourse. Jessica Harrington will continue her long running support of the Charity Race by providing the horse for Leona. Jessie has had a horse in every Punchestown Charity Race since the inaugural running back in 1990 when she rode Bankers Benefit herself. 

Former professional boxer Michael Harty from Galway is certainly fit and ready for the big day as well as Cora Doyle from Tipperary who a few weeks ago ran the half marathon in Berlin last year. Kilcullen’s Paul Bell, won a Kildare County Football Championship earlier this year with “The Rags” and he will enjoy local support from all the Kildare GAA supporters who will all be there on the final day of The Festival. 

Camilla Sharples, Barry Nolan and Kay Bowe will represent the Elliott, Nolan and Bowe stables respectively. Chloe Page and Patrick Chesters are coming over from England to participate and enjoy the Peerless Punchestown experience. 

Sarah Connell, Ava Banahan and Neil Durkan will represent some well know racing families and Cliona Costelloe has a special reason for taking part in this “Kidney” Race.  Her Dad, John Costelloe, from the famous racing family in Clare, received a Kidney Transplant in a paired exchange in Belfast. Cliona’s mother Grainne donated a Kidney to the Paired Exchange Donor Pool which enabled John to receive a Life Saving Kidney Transplant from another donor on the paired exchange program. Cliona’s wants to create Organ Donor Awareness through her participation and would like to encourage people to think about carrying an Organ Donor Card. The race title of this unique and special race says it all  “Have The Conversation – Say YES To Organ Donation” is fundamentally what the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund is all about and to all the Jockeys lining up on Saturday 30th April we say enjoy yourselves and just think of Rachel’s quote “No Dream Is Too Big”

 The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund Charity Race was founded in 1990 and has raised €1.6 million to date.  They have invested these funds in projects that improve the quality of life for patients on dialysis, projects that establish ways to maximise the life span of the transplanted kidney and identify projects that examine the causes that lead to renal failure. The PKRF had no major projects during 2020 and 2021 as they had no Race due to Covid However - The PKRF has supported the following projects from 2016 to 2019:


  • €150,000 donated to open a new renal unit at Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin.
  • €50,000 donated to support 2 kidney related research projects under the guidance of the Irish Nephrology Society.
  • €60,000 donated to continue our Art Therapy programs for Dialysis Patients in Tallaght & Waterford Dialysis Units.
  • €10,000 donated to our Sports Program for Dialysis & Transplant Patients.
  • Organised trips to Lourdes for Dialysis patients.
  • Organised Dietary Books for Dialysis patients.


In 2022, The PKRF is looking forward to partnering with the Irish Kidney Association to set up a Pilot Peer Support Program to help Kidney Patients and their Families.  We will set up a Support network for patients and their families who are starting out on the road to Dialysis or looking at the possibility of a life - saving Kidney Transplant.  This support network will enable people to reach out and connect with a trained Volunteer, to discuss their concerns about Dialysis and Transplantation.

The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund uses the Charity Race as a major Organ Donor Awareness Event in Ireland.  Indeed the simple measure of carrying an Organ Donor Card or having the conversation about Organ Donation and informing one’s next of kin of one’s wish to donate organs can save someone’s life.


For more information please contact James Nolan at 086/2349919.


Punchestown kidney research fund 

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