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The Art Programme at Tallaght Hospital 2009–2010

The art programme for patients in the Renal Dialysis Unit here at The Adelaide and Meath Hospital is now well established. Artist-in-residence Ms Lucia Barnes has been working with patients in the unit for six years. This is part of an active programme of arts for patients across the hospital, including arts as part of Age Related Health Care, Oncology, Renal dialysis and Neurology services. In each area the emphasis is on tailoring art sessions to meet the specific needs and requests of patients in the service. We continue to consult patients and staff in the renal dialysis unit regarding art sessions.

Since our last report, the funding you so generously give us has been used to:

  • Continue to employ a professional artist, with experience of working with patients, to oversee the dialysis unit art sessions and expand the service by introducing more patients to the art sessions.
  • Provide art materials for patients to use in the sessions.
  • In November 2009 we hosted artists and managers from Galway and Waterford Hospitals to share information and training on arts in renal dialysis services.
  • We are currently working with patients to prepare for two major patient art exhibitions this autumn; one in the hospital main corridor and one in Rua Red, the brand new arts centre in Tallaght. The exhibitions will be held in October 2010 and we intend to invite members of the PKRF to visit the exhibition and meet the artists and patients. We hope this will also be an opportunity for both the arts programme at the hospital and PKRF to publicise their work and the needs of people on renal dialysis.


The Adelaide and Meath Hospital 2007 Report

An extract from the Annual Report 2007 from the Hospital Arts Office
based in The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght

The programme of art sessions for patients in the Renal Dialysis Unit has gone from strength to strength. In 2007 we were significantly funded by Punchestown Kidney Research Fund. Gillian Field is Art Co-ordinator in the Renal Dialysis Unit and there are now a number of sessions every week for patients attending the Dialysis Unit. The funding has enabled us to develop the project, expand the number of sessions available and recruit a number of artist volunteers to assist Gillian.

A painting done by one of the patients of The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, as a part of the art programme.

During 2007 the Arts Office produced a manual of best practise regarding art in Renal Dialysis units. This was circulated to every Dialysis Unit in the country. We also installed a major art work in the hospital canteen, made up of over eighty hand painted birds. Patients on the unit contributed to this hospital wide art project and the result was a glorious array of colour which cheered up the canteen.

The installation of birds hanging in the canteen.

Patients in the unit also contributed to the Arts Office calendar. Four patients who have been painting and attending the unit now for three years said that the art sessions in the hospital, "have enhanced our lives and helped us in coping with the drudgery of life on dialysis."

We are delighted that Punchestown Kidney Research Fund are continuing their funding which enables us to hold a National Training Day during 2008 for artists and health care professionals who are interested in the role of Art in the Renal Dialysis Unit. We will also hold a major exhibition of patients' work in September 2008.

A part of the 2007 exhibition.

For more information visit The Adelaide and Meath Hospital website, under Adminstration Departments - Arts, or read this excellent article in A Kilkullen Diary.




Mr. James Nolan
Punchestown Kidney Research Fund
Co. Kildare

 6th December 2017


Request for funding: Therapeutic Bedside Art for Patients in the Renal Dialysis Unit, Tallaght Hospital


Dear James,

It was lovely to speak with you today and many thanks for confirming over the phone that you will be continuing to fund the diverse arts programme in the Renal Dialysis Unit here at Tallaght Hospital in 2018. We look forward to receiving the funding of €10000 in the New Year. Please make the cheque payable to The Meath Foundation, who will lodge it directly into the Hospital Arts A/C. It may be sent to the address below for my attention.

 The funding will be used to:

⦁ Continue to employ a professional artist, with experience of working with patients, to oversee the dialysis unit art sessions and expand the service by co-ordinating and training a team of art volunteers
⦁ Provide art materials for patients to use in the sessions
⦁ We also offer a training and information day for staff and other artists in the hospital areas using Renal Dialysis unit as a benchmark

 Your continued support is much very much appreciated and we will keep you informed of our progress throughout the year. Thank you most sincerely for your assistance with this important project.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further queries.


Warm regards,




Alison Baker Kerrigan
Programme Manager
The National Centre for Arts and Health
Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24



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