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The  Punchestown Kidney Research Fund Charity was set up in 1990 by James Nolan after he received a successful Kidney Transplant from his sister Catherine.  The aim of the Charity is to organise the annual Punchestown Charity Race which enables us to raise funds for kidney related projects and also to create Organ Donor Awareness in Ireland.  We select projects that fit the following criteria:

1. Projects that improve the quality of life for patients on dialysis.

2. Projects that improve quality of life of the transplanted recipient. 

3. Projects that help to create Organ Donor Awareness in Ireland.



Niall Cronin & Prospectorous winning in 2010 





Punchestown Charity Race 2022


2022 will see the 31st running of the Annual Charity Race at the Punchestown National Hunt Racing Festival in aid of the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund. The race involves 25 amateur riders, battling it out over 1 mile 7 furlongs. Most of the riders will have made huge efforts to be fit enough to ride in the race, riding out every morning, learning to ride work, losing weight and generally improving fitness. Additionally, they raise a minimum of €1,500 for the privilege, which goes to the registered Irish Charity – The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund – CHY 16613.

Kilcullen Butcher, James Nolan initiated both the Charity and the Race having received a second chance at life when his sister Catherine Doyle donated one of her kidneys to him on the 25th July 1987. Without this he was facing a life on dialysis.

He has ridden in the race himself 13 times and won it on Nero’s Dancer in 2002, an experience he describes as one of the highlights of his life.

The Punchestown Charity Race was founded in 1990 and has raised under €1.6 million to date. We have invested these funds in projects that improve the quality of life for patients on dialysis, projects that establish ways to maximise the life span of the transplanted kidney and identify projects that examine the causes that lead to renal failure.

The PKRF has supported the following projects during 2018 & 2019:

  • €150,000 donated to open a new renal unit at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.
  • €100,000 committed to support 2 kidney related research projects under the guidance of the Irish Nephrology Society.
  • €20,000 committed to continue our Art Therapy programmes for Dialysis Patients in Tallaght & Waterford Dialysis Units.
  • €5,000 committed to our Sports Programme for Kidney Patients
  • €10,000 provided to our Patient to Patient mentoring support programme.
  • Organised trips to Lourdes for Dialysis patients.
  • Organised Dietary Books for Dialysis patients.

 As you can see above, we supported a variety of projects in different areas over the past 24 months and in 2020 our main new project will be the opening of a new Self Care Home Haemo Dialysis Unit at Tallaght Hospital under the guidance of Dr. George Mellotte. We will also continue to support our Art Therapy, our Sports bursaries and other projects as well organising an event to promote Living Organ Donor Awareness in Ireland.


Although monetary donations can help people suffering from kidney disease, a simple measure of carrying an Organ Donor Card or informing one’s next of kin of one’s wish to donate organs can save someone’s life – we encourage people to have the chat at home with your loved ones.

The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund uses the Charity Race as a major Organ Donor Awareness Event in Ireland every year and we try to make people aware of the need to have this discussion with your family about carrying an Organ Donor Card.

We are a Registered Company (Tax Reference 64270888) and a Registered Charity (CHY 16613) since 2005.
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